Advance Seat Selection

Advance seat selection brings you one step closer to planning the perfect trip. Travel with peace of mind and confidence.


Economy class seats can be assigned in advance after flight reservation and the ticket purchase.
First and Prestige Class seats can be assigned after flight reservation.

How To Select

  • Select a seat through the website or mobile app.
  • Select a seat through Korean Air Service Centers, branch offices, or your travel agency.

Service Availability

From 361 days to 48 hours prior to flight departure (at least 24 hours prior to departure for First Class and Prestige Class)

(Prior to Departure)

Advance Seat Selection Check-in Time by Cabin Class
Cabin Class International Domestic (Korea)
First Class 1 Hour  no content
Prestige Class 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Economy Class 1 Hour and 30 Minutes 30 Minutes

Please note that pre selected seats may not be guaranteed if passengers do not check in by the time specified above.