Advance Check-In

Check in without going to the airport. Find out how to complete advance check-in.

Service Information

Service Hours and Eligibility Details
Service Hours From flight ticket payment to 48 hours before departure
Eligibility All customers with purchased tickets


  • The check-in service is unavailable without accurate passport information.
  • Even if you have applied for the automated check-in service, you can complete the check-in process and receive your boarding pass by using the [Check-in] menu.
  • Seats are randomly assigned to passengers who have applied for the automated check-in service without selecting seats.
  • Seat changes (members only), check-in cancellation and boarding pass reissue can be made before the online check-in deadline.
  • Enter your exact email address or mobile phone number (Korean numbers only) to receive your boarding pass.

Steps at the Airport

  1. 1. Arrive at the terminal

    • Passenger holding boarding pass
      • Without baggage to check: Proceed directly to the departure area with your boarding pass.
      • With baggage to check: Get your boarding pass and check your baggage at the self-service bag drop (automated bag drop machine) or the airport counter before proceeding to the departure area.
    • Passenger holding exchange voucher
      • Get your boarding pass at the bag-drop counter.
      • You can check your baggage and exchange your voucher for a boarding pass at the same time.
  2. 2. Security/Immigration check

    • Present your boarding pass to the security agent and pass through the security checkpoint.
    • Pass through the immigration screening carrying a valid passport and travel documents.
  3. 3. Boarding

    Board the aircraft by presenting your boarding pass to the staff at the boarding gate and on-board to the cabin crew.