Restricted Items

To ensure safe air travel, some items are restricted.

The following items are prohibited from the aircraft and cannot be transported by carry-on or checked baggage. (Carry-on X, Check-in X)

  • Combustible/Flammable materials

    Gasoline, paint, lighter fluid, and other combustible or flammable materials

  • Pressurized gas containers

    Pressurized gas containers, such as oxygen cans or butane gas cans

  • Weaponry and Explosives

    Weaponry and explosives, such as firearms and firecrackers

  • Other hazardous substances

    Fire extinguishers, aerosols (insecticide, etc.), bleach, perm products, and other items which can pose hazards to passengers and the aircraft.

  • Electronic devices with lithium batteries

    • Electronic devices with lithium batteries that have a capacity more than 160Wh  Ref. 1
    • Spare lithium battery with capacity more than 160Wh
    • Devices such as personal mobility devices or smart luggage with a non-detachable lithium battery Ref. 2
    • Hair straighteners with non-removable batteries are not permitted in carry-on or checked baggage Ref. 3
    1. Ref. 1 Electric wheelchairs and mobility aids are excepted  Go back details
    2. Ref. 2 If the battery can be removed and its capacity is within 160Wh, the battery can be carried on board, while wheels, bags, etc., are allowed either as check-in or carry-on after the battery has been detached.  Go back details
    3. Ref. 3 for flights departing from Japan  Go back details


  • There may be differences depending on the security procedures and standards of each country/region.