Passengers traveling with pets

Passengers planning to travel with pets are advised to carefully read the application method and guideline for traveling with pets.

Traveling with Pets

1. Plan to travel

Reservation time details
Category Reservation time deadline(Business days)
Korea Domestic 24 hours before flight departure
International 48 hours before flight departure
  • Please confirm your pet travel via the Service Center as it may be restricted depending on the country, region and aircraft type.
    Traveling with pets is not accepted without prior confirmation.
  • Each passenger may be accompanied by 1 animal on-board and 2 as checked pets.
  • When carrying pets on board, the seat will be assigned to a designated seat for pets.


  • A pair of birds, 2 dogs or cats both less than 6 months may be housed together in the same carrier.

Additional charges apply for pet travel regardless of baggage.

Pet transportation charges apply
Region 32kg or less Over 32kg ~ 45kg or less
Domestic KRW 30,000 KRW 60,000
Japan/China/Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao/Mongolia KRW 150,000/USD 150/CAD 150/IDR 2,140,000 KRW 300,000/USD 300/CAD 300/IDR 4,280,000
Southeast Asia/Southwest Asia(including Guam and Palau) KRW 225,000/USD 225/CAD 225/IDR 3,296,000 KRW 450,000/USD 450/CAD 450/IDR 6,592,000
The Americas/Europe/Middle East/Africa/Oceania KRW 300,000/USD 300/CAD 300/IDR 4,280,000 KRW 600,000/USD 600/CAD 600/IDR 8,560,000

Fares are based on one-way travel departing from Korea and charged according to the currency of the country of departure.