Korean Air Customer Service Plan

  1. 1. Offer the lowest fare available

    We offer the lowest fare available to you for the date, flight, and class of service you request through our web site (www.koreanair.com), on our telephone reservation system, at airport ticket counters, and at ticket offices in the city. Upon request, our representatives will identify alternative itineraries if your travel schedule is flexible.

  2. 2. Notify consumers of delays, cancellations, and diversions as required by 14 CFRCode of federal Regulations §259.8

    When a change in the status of a flight occurs (i.e., a delay of 30 minutes or more in the planned operation of a flight, a cancellation of a flight, or a diversion), we will promptly provide information about the change within 30 minutes after we become aware of such a change, as required under 14 CFRCode of federal Regulations 259.8(a). We will make information on such changes available via our toll-free telephone number (1-800-438-5000), via our U.S. web site, www.koreanair.com (in the Flight Status Menu), at the gate area (for a flight at a U.S. airport), and via any flight status subscription service we provide that delivers notification to passengers (to the extent we provide such service). We also provide, through our gate agents and flight crews, timely updates on the status and causes of delayed, cancelled, or diverted flights. We have installed flight monitoring technology that will improve our capability to track delays and diversions; it also will help us relay information more completely. We will contact you about cancellations when the event is made known to us using the contact information in your reservation.

  3. 3. Deliver baggage on time

    It is our intention to deliver your baggage on time. However, in the event that this does not occur, we will strive to return your misplaced baggage within 24 hours.
    Notify a Korean Air employee at the airport if you cannot locate your baggage. To check the progress of your bag search, call the regional office where you made your report or go to At the airport menu on our web site.
    We will attempt to contact owners of unclaimed baggage when a name and address or a telephone number is available. We use scanning technology to identify the location of all unclaimed baggage which helps us to quickly reunite you with your property. Bags that are unclaimed after seven days are sent to our headquarters in Incheon, where continued efforts are made to locate bag owners.

  4. 4. Penalty will not be applied as long as you cancel reservation and request refund within a certain period after purchase.

    For a reservation that is booked and ticketed through Korean Air ticketing office, Korean Air Service center (800-438-5000), or Korean Air homepage (www.koreanair.com) one week or more prior to the first departure date of your itinerary, you will receive a refund for the ticket without penalty if you cancel the reservation and request the refund within 24 hours of purchase.

  5. 5. Provide prompt ticket refunds

    We will issue refunds for eligible domestic and international tickets within seven business days for credit card purchase, and twenty business days for purchases made by cash or check. Requests for refunds may be submitted to Korean Air ticketing office, Korean Air Service center (800-438-5000) or your travel agent. Information on this service can be found on our web site in the Customer Support menu.

  6. 6. Properly accommodate passengers with disabilities and other special needs, including tarmac delays

    • Passengers with Disabilities and Other Special Needs
      Accommodating the special needs of passengers with disabilities is a top priority for Korean Air. Upon request, we offer such passengers a variety of special services:
      • Transportation to, from, and between gates, either by wheelchair or, in several locations, electric cart.
      • Boarding assistance.
      • While in the airport and on the plane, assistance to passengers with visual, auditory, cognitive, or mobility impairments.
    • To ensure the high quality of these services and protection of customer rights, we designate Complaint Resolution Officials (CROs) in all airports who are responsible for ensuring services provided to our customers with disabilities are properly implemented.
    • Children Traveling Alone
      We provide unaccompanied passenger service for children ages 5 through 11 who will be traveling alone. The same service can be provided to children ages 12 through 16 who will be traveling alone. (Fees apply for unaccompanied minor service.) Information on this service can be found on our web site in the Travel Service menu.
  7. 7. Meet customers' essential needs during lengthy tarmac delays

    We will provide information regarding the status of a flight if there is an extreme delay after you have boarded or after the plane has landed. If safety and security conditions allow, we also will provide for your essential needs such as food, portable water, operable lavatory facilities, and access to medical treatment. For more information, see Korean Air's Contingency Plans for Tarmac Delays.

  8. 8. Treat passengers fairly and consistently in the case of oversales

    Occasionally, we may not be able to provide you with a seat on a specific flight even if you hold a ticket and check in on time. This is called an oversale, and it occurs if the number of customers who check in (ready to board) exceeds the number of available seats.
    If you voluntarily give up your seat, we provide compensation and transportation on an alternate flight. A notice which explains the obligations and the compensation in an amount determined by Korean Air will be given to you. If you are involuntarily denied boarding, we also provide compensation and transportation on an alternate flight. A notice which explains the obligations and the compensation in an amount determined by Korean Air will be given to you.
    The policies and procedures that we follow ensure you receive fair and consistent treatment if such oversales occur.

  9. 9. Disclose travel itinerary and other policies that affect your travel

    We will provide you with your travel itinerary and complete information about policies and procedures that affect your travel:

    • Provide frequent flyer details Important rules, restrictions, and redemption information are available on our website in Skypass menu. In addition, they are provided upon enrollment and provided in update notices given to Skypass members.
    • Provide aircraft configuration Aircraft configuration, seat width, and pitch ranges are available on our website in About Us menu. In addition, you will be able to obtain the information through our reservation and airport agents.
    • Provide important terms including cancellation policies Information concerning terms and conditions can be found on our website in Terms of Use and General conditions of carriage menus.
  10. 10. Notify consumers in a timely manner of changes in itineraries

    We will notify in a timely manner of changes on your flight when there is a change so as not to affect your itineraries. We will contact you about the aircraft or the schedule changes when the event is known, using the contact information you provide us in your reservation

  11. 11. Ensure responsiveness to customer complaints

    We will acknowledge receipt of written customer complaints within 30 days of receipt and will send a substantive response within 60 days of receiving the complaint. Please send us your comment or complaint to the following address.

    • Mail : 260, Haneul-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
      Korean Air Customer, 07505
    • E-mail : customersvc@koreanair.com
    • Contact us on our website
  12. 12. Provide services to mitigate passenger inconveniences resulting from cancellations and misconnections

    If a cancellation occurs, we will attempt to contact you with the contact information you provide in your reservation in order to alleviate any inconvenience you may experience.
    In addition, we work to confirm you on the next flight we operate that has seats available in the same class of service when rebooking is necessary.
    We provide hotel accommodations at Korean Air contracted facilities, based on availability, if you are required to stay overnight while away from your home or destination due to a delay, misconnection, or cancellation within Korean Air's control.