Boarding Guide

Everything you need to know about checking in. Select seats, check baggage and get boarding passes in a number of ways.

Boarding Procedure

  • 1. Arrive at the terminal

    Boarding closes 30 minutes before flight departure. Please arrive at the airport at least 1 hour before departure and complete check-in.

  • 2. Issue boarding pass

    • A number of options are available to issue a boarding pass.
    • Get your boarding pass through online check-in, or check-in at the airport.

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  • 3. Drop off baggage

    • A number of options are available for baggage drop-off.
    • Check baggage at the self-service bag drop kiosk or at the airport counter.
  • 4. Security Check

    Present your boarding pass and photo ID (resident registration card, driver’s license, or passport) to the security staff at the departure area entrance, go through the security check, and proceed to the boarding gate.

  • 5. Boarding

    • Passengers are advised to carry their own boarding passes for smooth boarding. (If possible, save a mobile boarding pass on your mobile phone).
    • Boarding starts 20 minutes before flight departure and closes 5 minutes before departure.
    • Please be ready at the gate before boarding starts to ensure an on-time departure.
    • Proceed to board in the order announced.

    Instructions for boarding

    • Passengers with Infants/children and special needs, seniors  One way  SkyPriority passengers (use exclusive lane)  One way  Zone 1 ticket holders board in the order

What to Prepare

  • Identification

    • For domestic flights, passengers who are not carrying their original copy of photo ID (passport, resident registration card, driver’s license, student ID, etc) are not allowed to board flights.
    • Boarding pass issuance and boarding for Korea domestic flights will be restricted if you do not have an original identification document from January 28, 2022. (Copies and photos not accepted)


  • Pursuant to government notice, emergency exit rows seats may be assigned only to physically able passengers over 15 years of age capable of understanding cabin crew instructions and assisting other passengers in exiting the aircraft. It cannot be reserved in advance for this reason.

Please inquire at the time of your check-in for more information.