Boeing 747

With state-of-the-art technology, fuel efficiency has been improved and noise level and carbon emissions have been significantly reduced. Its low carbon emission levels make Boeing 747 a sustainable next-generation aircraft.

Kosmo Suites 2.0

Complete privacy is only a door-slide away. Make yourself at home in the state-of-the-art Kosmo Suites 2.0.

  • Entertainment system provided on a personal monitor

  • Personal monitor size 34inches (61cm)

  • Power supply device

  • USB port for charging

  • Seat pitch 83inches (211cm)

  • Seat width 24~32inches (61~81cm)

  • Seat reclining angle 180˚

Seat Features

  • Privacy improved with sliding doors
  • Personal closet installed in each seat
  • Further increased seat width (81cm in bed position)
  • A wide range of lighting functions to create a comfortable and refined atmosphere
  • A larger 24-inch LCD monitor
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Sliding doors and larger partitions

The sliding door with a louver window  Ref 1 is a one-way window that allows you to look out without others looking in. The extra 24cm added to the partition (139cm in total) offers you ultimate privacy.

Ref 1  Louver window: A window where the end is forked into two or three layers like tree branches Back to details

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Spacious, 180-degree flat-bed seats

The seat pitch of 211cm, length of 203cm, and width of 61cm provide a spacious setting for relaxing comfort and discretion in-flight. The wide, comfortable, and seamless seat mat ensures maximum comfort and reduces fatigue on long flights.

Wider screen, clearer resolution, more fun, and First Class-exclusive headsets

Experience a movie theater in the sky with an in-flight entertainment system with improved response time, using a 24-inch personal LCD monitor that offers clearer resolution and helps reduce eye fatigue.
Enjoy First Class audio with the Samsung Electronics AKG N700, a premium headset crafted for exceptional performance.
Active noise-canceling, 90 degree rotating hinges and the comfort-fit designed memory foam ear cushion treats you to hours of listening pleasure. Try using the Talk Thru function, which lets you talk without removing the headset.

Convenient seat control button with intuitive design

Sophisticated metallic seat control buttons have intuitive icons for easy understanding. Seat Track (slides seat back and forth) and Lumbar (supports the lower back) functions have been added.

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Personal closet

A personal closet with a pilot light is located in the seat. Store your outfit safely and wrinkle-free near you without requesting coat storage service.

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Personal storage space at every seat

The personal storage space is a convenient place to stow your personal belongings, such as a laptop computer.

Brighter personal reading lamps

The fully adjustable reading lamp provides light exactly where you need it. The reading lamp is designed to light only a selected area, preventing eye fatigue.

Pilot lamp sets a calm ambiance

The pilot lamp on the wall creates a calming glow that sets a comforting mood for your flight.

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Easy push-and-release tray table

The push-and-release table can be taken out conveniently with one hand. The size has also become larger by 22% to 26 x 23cm, helping you enjoy your meal in comfort and class.

Aircraft Specifications

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