First Class

Distinguished service for each and every passenger. Fly in luxurious comfort and experience a higher level of First Class service.

  • KAL Premium Care Service

    From check-in to boarding, First Class at Korean Air is an unforgettable experience like no other.
    KAL Premium Care Service is an exclusive, one-on-one service where Korean Air staff members escort you all the way to your boarding gate.

    • First Class passengers departing from or transferring at Incheon International Airport can apply for the service at least 24 hours prior to their departure time.
  • Exclusive Check-in Lounge

    Check in without delay.
    Check in comfortably in the First Class check-in lounge, then proceed to the departure area assisted by a designated staff.

    • First Class passengers departing from at Incheon International Airport can use the exclusive check-in lounge.
  • First Class Lounge

    Privacy is a privilege.
    Enjoy the luxury of private space to take care of important business and relax before boarding.
    Try a rich assortment of elaborate dishes at the lounge buffet.