Seat Upgrade

An unforgettable flight experience is soon to come. Upgrade your seat for maximum comfort and leisure.

  1. 1. Select itinerary

    • Select 「Purchase & Upgrade」 to conveniently view fares eligible for a seat upgrade.
    • Upgrades apply to international or domestic flights operated by Korean Air to and from Incheon.
  2. 2. Select flight

    • Browse through seat upgrade information (mileage deduction, available seats) when you select your flight.
    • Mileage use has become more convenient, as you can choose a upgradable segment of your itinerary.
  3. 3. Enter passenger information

    • Quickly view passenger information (self and registered family members) for seat upgrade.
    • Please contact the Service Center to make a booking for a child passenger traveling alone.
  4. 4. Payment and Mileage deduction

    • Mileage is redeemed at the same time as paid ticket purchase.
      • You can purchase a ticket using a credit card issued in Korea or abroad.
      • For mileage deduction through mileage pooling, you can designate the mileage to be used and the order of use.
  5. 5. Seat upgrade completed

    • An “e-ticket itinerary” will be sent to the e-mail you provided at the time of ticket purchase.
    • You can check the booking details in [My > Trips].