Baggage Information

When packing for your trip, refer to the following guidelines on essential travel items and baggage.

Travel Tips for Baggage Ease

Preparing to travel

  • Attach a name tag with your name, address, and destination clearly marked in English.
  • If you plan to travel with a special baggage, such as bicycles or surfboards and other sports equipment, or pets, please contact the airline in advance.
  • Some items may not be carried on board nor checked in for transportation. Please click the link below for more information about restricted items.
View Restricted Items

Baggage check-in

  • The weight of the bag at the airport may differ from the weight measured at home.
  • Bags exceeding 32kg (70lb) cannot be checked in in some countries, regardless of excess baggage fees.
  • Double check that you are not carrying any items on board that are restricted.
  • For your own safety, never carry a stranger’s bag.
  • We recommend safely keeping your baggage tag until a successful baggage claim at the arrival airport.

Claim baggage

  • Claim your baggage from the carousel and check the baggage tag to make sure that it is your baggage.
  • If you are carrying goods to declare, present the completed customs declaration form distributed during your flight — along with your passport — to officials at the customs clearance area.

Excess Value Charges

This is to guarantee additional compensation when the valuable item becomes damaged or lost if you declare the checked valuables before your trip.


For Korean Air flight segments, Korean Air operates an Excess Value Charges system to provide compensation of up to USD 2,500 when passengers pay the prescribed charges.


If you are declaring valuables, a fee is calculated at USD 0.5 per USD 100 the declared value. You also need to present a document that verifies the price of the item.

For more details, please consult a Korean Air staff when checking in your baggage.


  • For containers with liquids (liquid, spray, gel), we recommend using a cushioning material to prevent damage.
  • If your trip involves a connection to another carrier, contact the carrier ahead of time for information, as baggage regulations and handling procedures vary by airline.