No-show Penalty

No-show penalties apply in the event of failure to board the flight after completing check-in or without canceling the booking before departure.


  • All ticket holders (including award tickets)
  • Exemptions: Tickets for infants with no assigned seat

Penalty Amount

Extra charges apply to passengers who fail to board after entering the departure area.

Details of the amount collected on cancellation of boarding
Routes  Ref.1 No-show Penalty Failure to board after entering departure area
Korea Domestic KRW 8,000 (one way) NO Content
Short-haul USD 50 USD 250
Medium-haul USD 70 USD 270
Long-haul USD 120 USD 320


    1. Ref.1 RoutesBack to details
      • Short-haul: Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mongolia, Vladivostok, and Irkutsk
      • Medium-haul: Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia and Tashkent
      • Long-haul: The Americas, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, and Africa


  • No-show penalty amounts may vary by country of departure.

  • Reissue charges and refund penalties apply separately.
  • For award ticket refunds, no-show penalties are deducted in mileage.