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Economy Class ticket holders for international flights

Purchase Availability

From 361 days to 48 hours prior to flight departure

Seat Information

  • Extra Legroom

    Seats that offer more legroom than a standard seat

  • Preferred Seat

    Seats located in the first few rows of the Economy Class, which allows you to conveniently board and disembark the flight, or any other preferred seat

  • Standard Seat

    All seats excluding emergency exit row seats, extra legroom and preferred seats

Seat Fees

Seat Fees details
Seat Type Booking Class
Y, B, M S, H, E, K, L, U, Q, G, X

Extra Legroom

Free of Charge


Preferred Seat


Standard Seat

Free of Charge

In case of using promotional fare (N,T Class), Extra legroom: Not purchasable / Preferred seat and Standard seat: Charged

SKYPASS & SkyTeam Elite Benefits

Benefits details
Category Details of Exemption
Million Miler Club Advance seat selection on Extra legroom  Ref. 1, Preferred and Standard seats are free of charge
Morning Calm Premium Club
(SkyTeam Elite Plus)
Advance seat selection on Preferred and Standard seats are free of charge
Morning Calm Club
(SkyTeam Elite)
Advance seat selection on Standard seats is free of charge
  1. Ref.1 Extra legroom can not be assigned for free or purchased when using promotional fare (N, T Class) Back to content

Other Information

  • Passengers accompanying infants can use Bassinets for free
  • Passengers with reduced mobility, such as pregnant or disabled passengers may reserve dedicated seats free of charge
  • Chargeable seats are available only for passengers who purchase Korean Air flight tickets


  • A purchased seat with an option can be changed for another seat that is within the same date, the same flight and the same price. For other changes, please cancel and repurchase your seat options.
  • A paid seat can be canceled and refunded up to 48 hours prior to departure.
  • Purchase may not be canceled or refunded within 48 hours before departure and paid seat fees will not be refunded upon ticket cancellation.
    • Refunds are only available when the service is not offered due to airline circumstances such as flight cancellation or delay.
  • A passenger traveling with an infant may be seated next to you. The space in front of your seat may also be used as a passage for other passengers as the seat is located next to a galley or lavatory.
  • Passengers seated in emergency exit row seats(extra legroom) are required to assist the cabin crew in case of emergency. Use of these seats may be restricted for some passengers.