Expectant mothers can feel safe and comfortable about traveling with our quality service.

Timetable for Safe Travel

Timetable for Safe Travel Details
Less than 32 weeks Passengers can travel without any additional requirements. (If you are experiencing complications, such as gestational hypertension or diabetes, however, you need to submit a doctor’s letter and declaration of indemnity upon check-in.)
32–36 weeks Passengers must submit the declaration of indemnity upon check-in.
37 weeks or more
Multiple pregnancy of 33 weeks or more (2 or more children in utero) Ref. 1
Passengers cannot board the aircraft due to safety reasons.
  1. Ref. 1 The International Air Transport Association (IATA) Medical Guideline provides boarding guidelines that distinguish between single pregnancy and multiple pregnancy passengers.  Go Back


  • Check-in can be completed at “Passenger with special needs” counters of airports where available.
  • We provide priority boarding which is available at all airports.