Boeing 737

Boeing 737 introduces improved engine performance and innovative wing technology to reach new heights in passenger flight performance and efficiency.

Prestige Seat

Comfortable as a lounge

  • Entertainment system provided on a personal monitor

  • Personal monitor size 10.6inches (27cm)

  • Power supply device

  • USB port for charging

  • Seat pitch 50inches (127cm)

  • Seat width 21inches (53cm)

  • Seat reclining angle 123˚

Seat Features

  • An exclusive space for Business Class with 2-2 seat layout
  • Enjoy the comfort of a lounge with the seat adjusting button (backrest, foot rest)
  • A wide space with a seat pitch and width of 127cm and 53cm, respectively

Boeing 737 Prestige Class Seats (With Personal Monitor)

Enjoy a variety of in-flight entertainment on our 10.6-inch monitor.

Aircraft Specifications

  • Manufacturer


  • Maximum Range


  • Cruising Speed


  • Overall Length


  • Wingspan


  • Height