Boeing 787

The Boeing 787 is built using advanced carbon-composite materials for unparalleled fuel efficiency and range flexibility. Passengers can enjoy greater comfort and less fatigue.

Prestige Suites

No need to say, "Excuse me" when you want to leave your seat.
Prestige Suites offer independent, individual space.

  • Entertainment system provided on a personal monitor

  • Personal monitor size 17inches (43cm)

  • Power supply device

  • USB port for charging

  • Seat pitch 75inches (190cm)

  • Seat width 21inches (53cm)

  • Seat reclining angle 180˚

Seat Features

  • Personal space ensured for each seat with direct aisle access
  • Wide personal space for comfort and privacy
  • Wider storage space for passenger’s personal belongings, such as laptop computers
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Prestige Suites for your ultimate privacy

Designed for easy access to the aisle from a window seat, Prestige Suites ensure maximum comfort and privacy.

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Wider and more comfortable seats

Enjoy greater comforts within your own space, now expanded to 75 inches (190 cm).

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Fly Your Way

Higher partitions ensure complete privacy Enjoy hours of undisturbed rest.

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Bigger screens, greater resolutions, upgraded fun

The bigger 17-inch personal LCD monitor features improved resolution and response time. Enjoy your movie night on board with the latest in-flight entertainment system.

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More convenience with the premium touchscreen controller

Control the monitor with the 3.7-inch touchscreen on the remote control. The touchscreen helps you use other functions while watching content on the monitor.

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Brighter personal reading lamps

The fully adjustable reading lamp provides light exactly where you need it. The directional lighting design reduces eye fatigue.

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Roomier storage space

Conveniently store your laptop and belongings in the personal storage.

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Seat control for premium comfort

The button layout and intuitive icons help you control your seat with greater convenience.

Aircraft Specifications

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