Family Plan

Family Plan lets you and your family benefit from accrued mileage with maximum efficiency.

Applicable Family Members

Family members may include the spouse, children, parents, siblings, parents-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, grandparents and grandchildren.

How to Register

  • Prepare required documents

    Prepare documents that support your family relations.

    • Legal documents issued within 1 year indicating the date of birth of the family member and their relationship with the applicant
      - Korea : Family Relation Certificate, Residential Registration Certificate, etc.
      - Outside Korea : Family Relation Certificate, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Tax Report, etc.
    • In the interest of protecting personal information, please black out unique identifying numbers and the latter part of resident registration numbers on any supporting documents before submission.
  • Apply for family registration

    Apply for registration on the website, via fax, or by visiting a branch office (excluding airport).

    Contact information for family registration

    • Fax: 02-2656-8989 (Korea), 310-417-5696 (Americas), 06-6264-3438 (Japan)
  • Check results

    Check through the [MY Family] on the Korean Air website or mobile app.

    Family registration application processing period

    • Processing takes approx. two working days. (excluding Saturdays and public holidays).


  • Family registration is for SKYPASS members only.
  • Adding family members does not automatically pool miles to a single account or generate a common account.
  • Pooling miles of registered family members require approval from each mileage holder.
  • We do not accept health insurance cards, wedding invitations or any other documents that are legally void and/or do not clarify family relations.
  • If supporting documents do not state the date of birth, the account holder and relevant family member are required to submit personal identification documents that state the date of birth.
  • In some cases, additional supporting documents may be required for family registration. Please contact the Service Center for more information on documents demonstrating family relationships.