Passengers with infants

Traveling with children? Here are some useful tips for a safe and seamless travel experience.


Refer to the following information Refer to the following information

For the measurement standard for general strollers, the sum of A (horizontal, from the left wheel to the right wheel), B (vertical, from the front wheel to the wheel at the back), and C (height, from the bottom of the wheel to the top of the handle) is 115cm, and for folding strollers, A 20cm, B 20cm, and C 100cm.

  • Strollers where the total of dimensions exceeds 115cm can be used up to the boarding gate but must be checked in as baggage at the boarding gate.
  • Completely foldable umbrella-type strollers are allowed on board.
  • You can pick up your stroller in front of the boarding gate at the arrival airport for international flights and at the baggage claim area at the arrival airport for domestic flights.


  • Overseas airport circumstances may not allow your stroller to be delivered to the gate on arrival.

Baby bassinets

Baby Bassinet Details
Routes All international routes (Economy Class and Prestige Class in some aircraft models)
Requirement Weight: 11kg/24.25lb or less, Height: 75cm/2.46ft or less
Application Deadline 48 hours before departure

The bassinet cannot be used if your child is taller or heavier than specified even if you have requested it in advance.


  • If you paid a child fare when purchasing a ticket, a regular adult seat is provided.
  • For infants with health issues, please confirm with the airline whether or not the infants can board the aircraft prior to boarding in order to ensure safe air travel.